Bless it, Baby.

So, I’m sitting here wondering what my first post should be about.  There are certain things I want the person reading (you!) to know about me.  More importantly, there are certain things I want to share with you about things I have experienced in the past year.  The past year has been chocked full of intense moments.  Excruciating pain, crippling fear and anxiety, and overwhelming, life-changing joy are right on top of the list.  Did you guess it yet?



Yes.  That’s her.  I know what you’re thinking – that HAS to be a photo-shopped baby.  But she’s not!  Her name is Ruby, and that’s just her average Saturday morning “is that a bottle, or are you just happy to see me?” face.  My wife performed the insemination, I carried, and together we created this tiny, perfect person.  (More about that later!)

My wife (Terra) and I are two moms living in a cool neighborhood in Nashville, TN.  We were married in 2014 at the San Francisco Courthouse under a gorgeous skylight next to a statue of Harvey Milk. Terra and I love Nashville, mostly because it is the rhinestone on the Bible Belt that is the South.  Our county is one of only four democratic counties in the entire State.  We have an amazing Mayor, an up-and-coming school district, and a real estate market that has exploded like nowhere else in the nation.  Everybody’s coming to Nashville!

Last year at this time, Terra and I had a ton of stuff going on.  We were living in our condo downtown while our house was being remodeled, I was getting settled in to a new position at my job, and we were trying to have a baby.  As a lesbian couple, we have no biological access to the one element crucial for creating a baby – and that’s why someone invented the internet.  We searched for the perfect sperm bank, the perfect credentials, and finally, the perfect donor.  We did all of this in our pajamas from the comfort of our living room!  Technology for the win.

After months of taking vitamin supplements, tracking, charting, temping, and peeing on ovulation predictor sticks, FedEx delivered our magic beans right to the doorstep, cryogenically frozen, and complete with a tracking number and a giant sticker bearing the words “HUMAN SPECIMAN”.  Our neighbors never lacked for things to gossip about when we were living there!  Two shots of Patrón Café and nine days later, we got our first positive pregnancy test.  As the cherry on top, our house was finally finished and we moved the next day.  That was officially the last time anything went according to our plans!

More tomorrow . . .



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